Monday, May 2, 2011

Daisy floral painting in pastel - 11x14

Family Gathering
11 x 14 inches
pastel on black matboard

Another floral painting, on a new surface: black matboard.  Our local frame shop carries pre-cut 11x14 pieces of their archival matboard for $2, so I picked up a piece to experiment with.   The nice thing about  working on this surface is that it simplifies framing as no mat or mounting is needed.  It was perfect for the project I had in mind.

I love daisies - they are so cheerful and even though they are a non-native flower, I still enjoy seeing hem in large meadows up in the mountains.  This painting is based on a photo I took on some hike last year.  I  realized that I really liked the simple design.   The individual flowers are interesting to me because they are in all different planes, and have these wonderful cast shadows, adding to the depth and dimension of the image.  And the out-of-focus background is the perfect abstract accompaniment to keep the focus on the flowers.  

Here's how it looks in a small gold frame, unmatted (complete with regular glass and part of my arm, face and camera lens in the glare):

I decided that I didn't care for the intense blue sky on the Hollyhocks painting, and was able to make adjustments yesterday.  I grayed the sky down a touch, and added another layer to the flowers, making some value adjustments along the way.  I think it is much improved.

Hollyhocks, redux - in gold crackle frame from Dick Blick

I decided to try some of the pre-made Simpleton plein air frames that Dick Blick carries.  They are affordable and since I try to paint in standard sizes, I can easily swap out the paintings for exhibitions and to show what a painting for sale looks like in a frame.   I got a Logan point driver and some other framing supplies, and now I can do framing at home.  For someone a limited budget, it's a good option.

Sunset from 2 nights ago:


  1. I like the subtle grayed-blue you've used as shadow on the white petals, just enough to create depth but not drawing too much attention. I also like the contrast between detail and abstract, it works well.
    Even though you've moved, it looks like you haven't lost too much in beautiful sunsets.

  2. Thanks, Dan - I'm glad you noticed those things, because they were all part of what I was aiming for (or drawn to paint) here. No white used in the painting - just shades of gray. However, each time I paint in pastels, I find myself reaching for a color I don't have. Such is life as a pastel artist!

    Our move was literally just 4 blocks away (blessedly so, I might add), so the view change was minimal, and we still have this west facing view from our deck - something I'm very grateful for!

  3. These frames and works do look nice! I think new beginnings are exciting.

  4. Love the daisies...feels like summer! The cast shadows on the petals are wonderful. Looks good in the frame, too.

  5. Thanks, Casey - I don't frame much of my work, but I'm always amazed at how much better it looks framed (no kidding!). Definitely agree about new beginnings.

    Hi Debbie - thanks! Daisies certainly define summer, don't they? I loved seeing them on hikes up in the mountains.


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