Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Still life with tomatoes and a jalapeno in oil - 6x6

Salsa Lessons
oil on wood panel

This still life painting, featuring a group of tomatoes and a sole jalapeno, came together after a trip to the grocery store today, as well my need/desire to not paint from photos for a while. The local plein air group is supposed to meet this Friday, and I hope I'll be able to join them.  In the meantime, I was finally able to use this attractive white bowl I bought not long ago.  

I also tried out a new red for this - Grumbacher napthol red.  It's similar to the cad red medium I use, and I added some cad red dark and yellow, along with burnt sienna and ultramarine blue to paint it.  Nothing like some vegetables in complimentary colors to challenge one's painting skills...

On an unrelated note, I was pleased to learn that the floral pastel painting I posted yesterday:  "Family Gathering", was accepted into the annual gallery show at the Durango Arts Center:  "Durango Blooms:  Flowers in Art".  It is the first time I have entered my work in a juried show, and the response was much greater than they expected, so many works did not get included.  The artist's reception is next Friday, May 13 - fun!

Today's photos:

Lenticular-type clouds in the afternoon sky

The view from our new deck:  Animas river that runs through town

An action shot of a big orange-banded bumblebee partaking in the flowery goodness of a tree right off our lower deck.  He is so fuzzy - I just want to pet him.


  1. Congrats on yesterday's floral painting, and this lovely piece as well.

  2. Thanks much, Casey. Good to be trying new things and pushing one's skills with painting subjects I'm not used to; landscapes are more forgiving and flexible than this white bowl was.

  3. Good for you! I'm kind of surprised this is your first time for a juried show.

  4. Thanks, Dan! I've thought about entering some shows in the past, but either missed the entry deadline or otherwise wasn't organized enough. This was a good way to start getting local exposure for my work as well.

  5. Lovely still life, Sonya! And congrats on the show!

  6. Congratulations!
    and what a nice view from your deck, to see the river.

  7. Thanks, Jala! Yes, the view is overall improved at our new place by the addition of the river, and the guest bedroom/computer room view is 100% better.


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