Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Ephemeral Nature of Water - Reflections

The last set of photos was all about the big picture of water and its relationship with the landscape - something everyone can relate to.  I also have a fascination with patterns and shapes of the small things in nature:  things often overlooked or just simply not observed in a close, intimate way.  There is an entire album on my Picasa gallery devoted to what I describe as "nature abstracts and still lifes", which can be seen here

The Jonquil is situated right by the drainage that goes through Tombstone Canyon; the hotel is in front and the courtyard to the rear of the motel is on the other side.  Water has been flowing through it as well, and the other day, I hopped down to the creek from the parking lot and watched the water flowing over the pebbles and rocks in the creekbed.  I was immediately drawn to the patterns the reflected light formed in the water, and that is the theme for this set of photos, which are about water as an abstract form.  I imagine a lot of people don't "get" the point of abstraction as it relates to artwork and beauty.  My hope is that perhaps these images will make you stop and reconsider that.

Water and light work magic on some ordinary pebbles, making them look like precious stones.  The square format adds to the ambiguity, allowing the viwer to find his/her own way through the image.

Steps of Light
These linear bands lend a terrace-like appearance to the rocks.
Curved reflections are formed as water flows off the smooth surface of the upper rock.
I can't come up with a fitting name/description for this, but I love everything about it.
Mesh of Light and Color
The linear reflections seem to emphasize the blues, purples and pinks of the rocks below.
The shapes formed by the reflections give the appearance of being formed colorful pieces of glazed tile
So Flows the Current
The name of a CD and song by one of my favorite artists, Patrick O'Hearn.


  1. These are gorgeous! I love the patterns.

  2. Hi Carol,

    Thanks! These actually turned out better than I thought :).


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