Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Winter Skies - photoseries

Today was a productive day in the studio -  in addition to finally finishing the sunset/cloudscape painting I started working on a while back, I finished two other small (5x7) sky/cloud paintings.  I also selected the photos for today's blog post that were taken last week when we had a storm system pass through this area. 

Location for these photos was the same as those taken for the afternoon skies post a few days ago - east of town, on the dirt road, whose name, according to an online map, is N. High Lonesome Rd.  Later, I drove down Hwy 80 towards Douglas and went down and unnamed dirt road that passes around the back of the Mules and connects with Warren, a small community that is also part of Bisbee.  What is remarkable is that during the entire time I was out, with my sister's boxer along for protection, we never got rained on. 

For sky and cloud lovers, I hope you'll enjoy this latest selection:

Showers to the North
These discreet areas of precipitation are on the valley north and east of the Mules

Rain Over McNeal
This isolated cumulonimbus is east of the above photo and is probably dumping rain on the small community of McNeal

Storm Shadows
The dark shadows of the large rain-laden cloud behind the northeastern edge of the Mules adds contrast with the lighter foreground clouds and small area of virga. 

To the South
The afternoon sun creates beautiful shadows and colors on this large cumulus cloud seen almost due south.

Cumulonimbus to the East
This cell is busy dumping rain on a range that is to the east and is also south of the Chiricahua Mtns.

Rain over Bisbee
Taken along the dirt road off Hwy 80, the variety of clouds over the distal Mules, and nearby rock outcropping create a strong impact.

North Along Hwy 80
This is the same stormcloud in the McNeal photo from above about 1 1/2 hrs. later; the buildings and small trees show the scale

East from Hwy 80
Taken at the same location as the above photo, this shows the precipitation and virga from this impressive cumulonimbus

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