Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sunrise through Sunset - pastels

I got into a painting groove a couple of days ago and finished a few paintings, including the one that had been giving me fits for a while.  I finally decided to stop tweaking parts of it at the risk of ruining it.  The process reminded me of a quote I heard from an attending doctor I trained with years ago during a surgery rotation; he asked me:  "What is the enemy of 'good'?  Answer:  'better'".   This is the first actual sunset painting I've done with a complex cloud form, and I'm definitely pleased with several elements of it.  I also learned a lot while doing it, and realized that I need some more grays in my pastel palette to more accurately capture the muted colors seen in clouds.   As often seems to be the case, the photos don't do complete accuracy as to the colors or saturation, even though I try to match them as best I can. 

The others are 5x7's done from photos taken from the backyard of the Jonquil.  I am rapidly amassing a large collection of these photos, taken at all times of the day, to capture the skies of sunrise, mid-day and sunset.  They are presented in the order of the time of day they represent and not when completed.  I have decided to offer select pieces for sale, unframed, at reasonable prices.  If interested, please contact me.

"Hillside Sunrise"- 5x7  study
Nupastel on Canson paper

"Hillside and Clouds #2" 5x7
pastel on 600-grit sanded paper
Available for purchase

"Evening Clouds from Mule Overlook"
~ 9x11"  pastel on 400-grit sanded paper

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