Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had fun ringing in 2010, and had a safe holiday as well.   Bisbee has been having picture-perfect weather - bright sun and daytime temps in the mid- to high-50's.  I had planned to go on a hike with my camera today, but that didn't materialize.  So, instead, I will post a collection of more AZ sky photos that were taken on various dates in mid to late Dec.  I never grow weary of the southwestern skies, and I hope that you'll enjoy this set of photos to help celebrate the new year!

Twilight along Hwy 92
High cirrus clouds catch the setting light over this mountain in Mexico

Sunset over the Huachucas
Dark clouds form a dramatic silhouette against the pale colors of the sky

 Sierra Vista Illuminated
Crepuscular rays radiate out from this stratocumulus cloud over Sierra Vista. 

Looking North off Hwy 80
Bands of winter cumulus clouds cross the sky on this late afternoon along a dirt road

Afternoon Shadows in Mule Mtns.
This ranch, located off of Hwy 80, is nestled against a picturesque canyon about 5 miles outside of Bisbee

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