Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunset: A Performance Event

Sometimes, a sunset is just a sunset.  Other times, it becomes something most unexpected.  A few days ago, I went on yet another cloud-shooting photo expedition in the afteroon, and the skies promised a good sunset as well.  I went down Hwy 92 - known location for good sunsets - and waited with my camera and tripod.  I didn't have long to wait, and I wasn't disappointed. 

The sky on this evening ended up being one of the most spectacular I've ever seen in my life, although it didn't start out that way.  I took a bunch of photos capturing the sequence and progression of the sunset, and it occurred to me that it resembled a visual symphony orchestra.  Even still, they don't do full justice to this most amazing sunset in terms of color, scope and just pure awe versus witnessing this in person.  Still, I am pleased to present to you the one-time performance of "A Molten Sky":

Introduction - The Principals
Clouds, sun and mountains

Opening Performance - Solo of the Sun
The sun begins its performance by casting rays over the distal mountains

The Audience
The western hills of the Mule Mtns. glow a brilliant orange catching the late afternoon light

Suite 1 - Clouds with Sun
The clouds now begin to take on some color as the sun drops
Overature of Sun and Clouds
The lower edge of the clouds turn a brilliant yellow as the sun continues its path west below the horizon
Virga Quartet plays to Mexico
Looking south, areas of falling precipitation that vanish before hitting the ground (virga) cast a beautiful pink glow
Orchestral Movement in Orange and Blue
The crescendo builds as the sky takes center stage
Pièce de Résistance:  Molten Sky
High drama in the skies unfolds over the Huachucas.  If Richard Wagner was to compose a sunset, this would be it
Duet:  Pink Cloud and Transformer
The two elements, both slightly off center, add tension and uncertainty to this photo
Encore Performance - Huachucas and Sky
A closer view of the mountains silhouetted by the sky, showing the intensity of the color and shapes formed on the underside of the cloud layer
Curtain Call
The final performance as the colors fade and the sun gives way to dark skies

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  1. Oh this is magnificent. All it needs is the music to accompany the visual. Guess I'll have to turn on my own tunes.

    It's a rainy gray day here today... you made it much better.

    bnoonan - WC


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