Friday, February 5, 2010

Sky Friday - a new weekly series

Over the two and a half months that I've been here in southern AZ, I've developed an ever-increasing number of sky/cloud photos. Many are taken from the courtyard area of the Jonquil, and others are taken in various random times I happen to have my camera with me and see something unique going on in the sky.

Probably the most telling sign I've completely geeked out over clouds is that I purchased a copy of the Cloudspotters Guide: The Science, History and Culture of Clouds. It's written by Gaven Pretor-Pinney, who is the founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society. It's a fascinating and well-written book, infused with the author's dry sense of humor (he's British, so there you go).

Anyway, the combination of these things made me think that it would be fun to do a weekly post of skies. These would probably be a few random photos, vs. the usual sets that I have been posting. I'll include information on the clouds, if relevant, or just a brief comment about the time and location.

I may do this in lieu of or in addition to non-photo, non-sky art posts as well. I hope everyone enjoys these, and as usual, fellow artists are welcome to use them for reference material for painting.

So, here are a few random sky photos for this Friday:
Sunrise, Jan 17th - cirrus clouds
location:  Jonquil courtyard
Late afternoon on the hillside
location:  behind Jonquil motel
This tree makes it into many of my photos, and adds a fun contrast to the cumulus clouds.  The upper whispy clouds are 'c. humilis', while the larger masses are 'c. mediocris'.
Sunset, Jan 19th
location:  Jonquil motel courtyard
This is one of a series of photos I took of this sunset.  I believe the cloud type is altocumulus, a mid-level cloud, although it may also be a lower level cirrus (cirrostratus).  Either way, it produced beautiful shapes and colors in the sky.

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