Friday, February 26, 2010

Sky Friday - sunset series

This is the set of photos I had planned to queue up for the Friday that I was out of town, so I'll go ahead and post them now.

Photos were taken on Feb 5 along Juniper Ridge Rd., a dirt road that is just west of town and leads up to a set of homes and the radio towers on top of the Mules known as "the divide".  It offers a great vantage point for eastern sky photos and of the town of Bisbee.  These clouds were pretty, but subtle, and I suspect that a really spectacular high key sunset was to the west on the other side of the Mules, along Hwy 92, as evidenced by some of the brilliant coral cloudlets I saw to the west as I was heading back down the road.

Photos are posted in order that they were taken.
Cirrus over The Divide
These beautiful, wavy clouds are seen to the west and slightly north. 

Altocumulus to the northeast

Altocumulus to the east.
This photo looks more like a painting to me.  The vantage point shows the atmospheric perspective of the far distal mountains wonderfully.

Altocumulus revisited
This wide-angle shot shows the entire cloud that is over the northeastern part of the Mules.

A closing view to the east
These clouds underwent rapid transformation just in the short period of time I was taking these photos. 

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