Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sunset Clouds in Mixed Media

One evening last month, I went out east of town along Hwy 80 for some sunset photos.  The sky had scattered remnants of earlier storms and would-be storms, and I suspected they'd make for some beautiful clouds.  As is often the case with the skies in this part of the state, a wide variety were present just within the location I stopped right along the highway - cumulonimbus-types to the east; windblown cumulus to the south and patchy altocumulus to the west: an evening cloud festival!

I have plans to do some of these into pastels at some point, probably as larger paintings, but couldn't resist doing one as a small 5x7.  That is also when I discovered that my pastel palette is a bit lacking in the appropriate sunset and greys necessary to do the types of skies and clouds I wish to paint. 

For now, here are some photos and one pastel of the evening clouds from that evening.  I've also included the reference photo I used for the painting.
Cloud Cover to the East
The evening light highlights the interesting projections from this receding cumulonimbus.

Winter Evening Glow
These clouds cast a beautiful coral and peach glow to the southeast.
Three Pink Clouds
This trio of cumulus, with small trails of icy virga, are over the southern-most hills of the Mules.

"Three Pink Clouds" - 5x7
pastel on sanded paper

Sunset along Hwy 80
Bright headlights of cars heading towards Bisbee contrast with the darker land and softer colors of the sky.

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