Monday, February 22, 2010

Water Abstracts: Agua Fria series #1

I had hoped to post a new pastel I completed 2 days ago to the blog yesterday, but was unable to photograph it as it rained for most of the day.  I have a complete inability to take decent indoor studio photographs, so that will be postponed until the next sunny day.

Instead, here is a new set of water abstracts based on photos taken last week on my drive up to Flagstaff.  The Auga Fria river runs along parts of I-17, and part of it is included in a national monument of the same name.  It is popular with hikers, equestrians and backpackers, and I try to make time to stop on my way and go on a hike when I'm in the area.  The river was flowing stronger than I've ever seen it, no doubt due to snowmelt from higher elevations.  The mid-afternoon light doesn't make for good landscape photos, but it's ideal for these reflective abstracts. 
Sun hitting the shallow sandy stream in the wash leading to the Agua Fria produces ordered and random reflections.

Rush Hour
If 5PM in downtown Manhattan was an abstract image, this could be what it might look like

This close-up shot shows the distortion detail from the water current on the underlying white granite.

The rocks in this image represent the 7 basic colors, and are further enhanced by the dancing light.

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