Friday, February 19, 2010

Sky Friday

After missing last week's Sky Friday post, we're back on track. These photos are from the January 17 sunrise taken from the motel courtyard.  They are shown in the sequence taken.  All shots are hand-held; it's way too early and cold to be fiddling with a tripod:
First view, facing east
Multiple layers of clouds reflect different wavelengths based on their position in the sky.

Facing west and skyward
The tip of the tree gives an indication of the position of these altocumulus clouds.

Another view looking west
The clouds form wavy peach-colored streamers across the sky

Skyward eastern view
With no land to anchor them, these clouds take on an abstract form

Final view to the east
The clouds have continued their transformation and now appear to have turned into a layer of altostratus, giving a diffuse glow of color to the sky.

I will certainly miss these skies when I return to CT.

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