Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter Stream - pastel

The weather finally cleared enough for me to take a photo of this latest pastel.  It was done from a photo I took last Saturday on my way up to Flagstaff, about 15 miles south, and located in a snow-covered meadow by a ranch.

I was drawn to the contrast of the stream - both its form and striking blue color - as it abruptly cuts through the otherwise pristine snow.  Its origin and destination are unknown as it meanders across the meadow.  The surrounding snow forms gentle undulations resulting in shadows cast from the late afternoon light.  The ponderosa forest edge adds a sense of space and the warm palette of the trees contrasts with the cool colors of the snow and creek.

As I mentioned in the Old Forge, NY post, winter isn't my favorite season of the year, primarily because I don't do cold weather and short days very well.  However, when I was living in Flagstaff, I used to love the peace and absolute stillness following a snowstorm.  Winter has a sense of quiet and calm that doesn't exist in the other seasons, and it is this feeling that I hoped to instill in this painting, and it is probably my favorite painting to date.  Looks much better in person, though.

Winter Stream - pastel
10.5 x 7" on sanded paper
$150 ppd.


  1. Very well done.
    I don't do cold and short days well, either. :)

  2. Thanks much for your comments on this and the other posts, Jala - always appreciated!

    At least during this time of the year, the days are a bit longer and it's getting warmer during the day. It was chilly but not unbearable when I took the photo reference for this. Beautiful sunny day, too!


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