Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another sunset in pastel

Here is another take on a sunset painting.  No billowy cumulus or wavy patterned altostratus here.  This is based on a crop of a photo taken in early March off of a road west of Bisbee off of Hwy 80 on the way to Sierra Vista.  In my original photo, three sets of mountains were visible:  the Santa Ritas, Mustangs and Whetstones.  I chose to not be specific to the mountains represented, as placing a single set within the vertically-oriented landscape seemed contrived.  So, it's just a portion of two. 

I was drawn to the bands of color which produce an abstracted pattern.  More experimentation with Canson as well - lots of blending here to maintain the soft edges of these streaking clouds.  The sun is well below the horizon at this point, but is still influencing the sky.

"Fractured Sunset"
pastel on Canson M-T paper.  12x9"

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