Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Back in Connecticut

My winter stay in AZ officially came to a close last Wed when I got on the Boeing 757 out of Tucson.  Spending 4 months in Bisbee was a memorable experience, one I'll always cherish.  Being back with my boyfriend and my cat Nelson (who is sitting on my lap as I type this) is great; going through day #4 of grey, rainy skies with no sun and temps in the low 50's:  not so much.  Clearly, New Englanders are used to this sort of weather  and take it in stride.  I, however, have never been able to adapt to it in the 3 years I've spent here, which is what prompted my trip back to AZ.

The first 3 days I was back were at least sunny and spring-like.  We took advantage of this on Saturday, and went for a walkabout in our neighborhood and through downtown Mystic, about a mile away from where we live.  Images below are from that walk.

Red Barn and Cherry Tree

Upon returning, I was dismayed to discover two issues:  #1, my old PC had finally decided that it was not going to connect to the internet, ever.  It had been giving me problems for the past few months, with an intermittent error message of "network cable is unplugged".  Somehow, inexplicably, that message became permanent after sitting for 5 months unplugged.   I had no internet access for the first 4 days I was back, which was exasperating.

My frustration with the problems of Windows-based computers has been increasing over the years, and I'd made the decision that my next computer would be an Apple.  Since I no longer need any PC-dependent software for my current purposes, the decision was easy.   Using my mom's MacBook while in Tucson further convinced me to get a Mac.

First Lilacs of Spring

After careful consideration, and input from Wayne and my friend Kenny (also a former PC user), I went ahead and purchased the iMac 21.5" computer, which is what I'd wanted when I first saw it months ago back in AZ.  It is glorious!  
Mystic River Reflections

Issue #2 is that the Post Office managed to somehow destroy the box of books and magazines that I shipped back via media mail.  These included 5 years worth of Pastel Journal magazines, countless art instruction books, two of my favorite (and new) baking books and a year's worth of Cook's Illustrated magazines.   Given that my books are my most cherished material items, this has been most upsetting.  I have sent an itemized list to the PO recovery center in Atlanta, and will cross my fingers that they are able to locate as many as possible and return them.
Tulips and Daffodils

Thankfully, all my art supplies (shipped via UPS) made it safely here on the date promised.  So, I can now get back to painting.  Now that I am back, I am also able to work on bigger scale papers/canvases, which I am excited to do.  I have so many ideas for paintings and new techniques and subject matter to try out that it is nearly overwhelming!

No stunning sunsets or sunrises to photograph here in CT, so I'll continue to post images taken in AZ for the Sky Friday series.  Tomorrow's post will be desert wildlife, but in the meantime, here's a final photo of a not-so-wild swan, who was clearly looking for hand-outs along the Mystic River docks on Saturday:
Cheeky Beggar 


  1. Welcome to Mac-land! (I switched a few years ago, or I should say, my husband the computer geek switched me.) I have no complaints.
    There's something amazingly compelling about that photo with the barn and cherry tree. Is that someone's property near you?

    I also adore the wildlife pics you posted above. That Even though we supposedly have them here, I've never seen one.

  2. Thanks, Jala!

    That barn is about 1/3 of a mile from my house, on the corner of a main road. I love it! I've taken photos of it on several different occasions, different seasons, and desperately want to paint it. I'll probably use it as a subject for a photo-essay. It appears to be lovingly maintained by the owners :).

    I'm glad you liked the wildlife photos. I get great joy from seeing wild things when I'm out hiking, especially uncommonly seen wild things. I saw as many rattlesnakes (4) during my 1-month stay in Tucson as I did during the entire time growing up there (14 years), Prescott and elsewhere in the desert I've hiked. Go figure!


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