Monday, April 19, 2010

January Storm - pastel

Well, my time in AZ is rapidly drawing to a close; this will be my last chance to post to the blog before I leave on Wed.  I've not had time to do blog updates since late last week, but I have a variety of posts set to go for the next few days - at least to hold me over until I return and have access to my home computer once again.

I have, at least, been busy collecting (and creating) more material for the blog, both photos and paintings.  The next three days will feature paintings, posted in the order they were completed.

First is a painting based on one of the many photos I took of the winter storms while in Bisbee, in my favorite location off High Lonesome road east of town.  Nothing safe or warm and fuzzy about this cloudscape; I was drawn to its uncertainty and the energy contained within the clouds, and I personally love dramatic skies like this.  I also decided to experiment a bit with colors here, although not as much as a later painting.  I used a variety of colors to create these greys - reds, purples, blues, along with my favorites, the MV Thunderstorm Gray set.

"January Storm off High Lonesome Rd"
pastel on sanded paper - 9x11"


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