Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sunset Skies - pastel

I just don't tire of painting or photographing the skies.  I think much of the appeal of clouds is what they represent and symbolize to us - often opposing concepts:  impermanence, yet eternal; peace and quiet, yet capable of incredible destruction and noise;  far above in the sky, yet originating from water flowing beneath our feet.  They represent freedom and unrestraint and are one of the few things not under direct control by my mind, that is a great thing.  We are very much at their mercy.

Here are two paintings, both completed last night.  The first is done from a photo taken way back in November, shortly after I arrived in Bisbee.  It could be considered in some ways to be a companion piece to this painting , as it is the same cloud.  However, the time and location are different, thus resulting in different colors.  This painting focuses more on the cloud, its shape and colors, rather than as a landscape painting per se.  Only the north-facing slope of the Mules gives its perspective to the ground.

The second is based on one of the March 29 photos taken here in Tucson, and featured in yesterday's Sky Friday post.  I just love these unexpected cloud shapes that appear, and how the cloud is transformed into something almost surreal by the setting rays of the sun.

I headed back to my favorite sanded papers for the surface, the first dry-mounted to a piece of Artagain and the other on a reclaimed piece from an earlier failed painting.  Both were done in 30-45 min. ea.

"Late November"
pastel on sanded paper, 9x11"

"Catching the Light"
pastel on sanded paper, 9x11"

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