Sunday, April 4, 2010

Desert Wildflower Series - #1

Happy Easter to those who celebrate this holiday in any fashion.  For me, Easter is a celebration of renewal and rebirth of nature.  The days are getting longer and the temperatures are warmer and living things shake off the dark cast of winter and begin to show themselves.   Everyone, whether they observe this as a holiday or not, associate flowers with Easter.

So, as promised, here is the first set of photos showcasing some of the lovely wildflowers found in the desert.   Using some field guides available here at the public library branch, I've identified them by their common name where possible.

There is a misconception (aka a "negative stereotype") by many people who live on the east coast that the desert is a dry, desolate place where nothing grows except maybe tumbleweed and a few scattered cacti, and is teeming with rattlesnakes and scorpions.   Let these images put that ignorance to rest!

Mexican Poppies
Large areas are carpeted with bright Mexican poppies in this area at the base of a slope in Saguaro National Park west.  Typical Sonoran desert vegetation is seen in the background:  saguaro cacti; paloverde tree, creosote (aka greasewood) bush, and various cholla.

Poppies in detail
A cluster of Mexican poppies is shown, along with a few yellow Bladderpods.

Wild Hyacinth 
Another, unfortunate, name for this lovely member of the lily family is "bluedicks".  I prefer wild hyacinth myself.  

Poppies and Cholla
Another patch of the colorful poppies surrounding some cholla cacti in Saguaro National Park.  Poppies close at night and do not open until the sun is well up in the sky; this makes for difficulty obtaining superb photos because of the lighting issue.  

Desert Chicory
These flowers are frequently found in groups alongside Mojave lupine.
This particular image was taken in Ironwood National Monument, west of Saguaro Nat. Park.


  1. Photos I could practically eat!

  2. Aren't these desert flowers just lovely? The skies here haven't been much to write home about lately, but the flowers...their beauty just makes me smile :). I'm delighted that folks enjoy them as well!


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