Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Desert Wildflower Series - #2

Here are the next set of photos of spring wildflowers.  These were taken in Ironwood Forest National Monument. A dirt road heads through Avra Valley, going past the still-active Silverbell mine and west of Silverbell Peak through the Ironwood NM.  and heading west behind the mountains.

Desert Sunflower

Wild Heliotrope - variant
This is identical to the photos shown of the normally purple wild heliotrope, so I assume it is a white variation/subspecies.

Small yellow flowers appear along the curved, hair-covered stem of this plant

Clump of Blue Phacelia
These flowers, shown in a cluster here, are frequently found growing in large groups under various shrubs.  A rocky area on the side of the road that appeared blue caught my eye; it was a small field of these flowers.  

Wild Hyacinth, redux
Another photo of this attractive flower, taken along a hike in a wash near Ragged Top Mtn. outside of the Ironwood NM.

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