Friday, April 9, 2010

Sky Friday - March 29 Sunset

These photos were taken from last week's sunset, and from the backyard property of my mom's house.  Looking out the dining room window of her house will get you a direct view of the setting sun over the mountains to the west; it's no wonder at all she loves living here!

Last night, I completed a few paintings, including one of a photo taken (not shown) during this set.  I'll post that tomorrow.

To the West
The colors in the sky are vivid right where the sun has set.  
To the North
The colors are more muted north, and slightly west, of the setting sun

To the Southwest
This dramatic cloud sweeps skyward as it catches the fading rays of the sun

Another view to the northwest
This is more towards the west than the earlier image.

This zoomed shot shows more detail, and changes in color, of the first southwestern view.

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