Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chaco #4: Doorways 02 - Ancient Architecture series

Chaco #4: Doorways 02
12x9 inches
pastel on black Strathmore

Another view from inside Pueblo Bonita looking through one of the rectangular doorways and across to another.  Interestingly, there are steps that lead to each doorway.  The row of wooden beam ends protruding from the wall above the door are all that remain of the support for the second story floor of this pueblo.  

For this pastel painting, I relied on scumbling of colors to achieve the lighter values within the second room, which has much more reflected light.   


This evening's sky - a waxing crescent moon covered by a thin layer of pink clouds:


  1. Wonderful - love ether red and the door within a door!

  2. Thanks, Helen - I really like the colors in this one.

  3. I cannot say enough good about this one. The colorist idea of a warm shadow, and a sun-bleached blue gray wall is tremendous.

  4. Thanks so much, Casey - coming from one who renders colors so well ("effortlessly", to my mind), that means a lot.

  5. Love the color combo here.

    Hello, moon.

  6. Thanks, Jala - they're one of my favorite combos so far. Yay, moon!


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