Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring trees in bloom - ACEO

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More ACEO-sized mini-pastels....for a new series on spring:

Redbud Tree
White Dogwood

Cherry Tree & Red Barn

During the time we lived in CT, my favorite season was, hands-down, the spring.   Around mid to late April, the land transformed from a dreary winter drab to acid greens of new leaf growth and blooming trees set forth to put on their show, and it was always exciting to see everything come to life again.  In our neighborhood, you didn't have to go far to find lots of different trees in festive spring blossoms.

But, they don't last...the magnolia trees are among the first to bloom, but they begin to drop their petals almost immediately, producing a carpet of creamy white below them.  This one was on a huge property right near downtown.  

I'd never seen redbud trees (I believe that is what this tree is) before moving to New England.  This particular tree was short and stocky, almost dwarf-like in its appearance.  I knew back when I took the reference photo last year I had to paint it.  It will likely be the first in a bigger size I do.

Dogwood trees are special to me.  I was born in MD, and although we moved to AZ when I was very young, I still have memories of them, and they are probably my favorite of the east coast trees.  Their graceful, curving branches always remind me of a Japanese painting.  

The cherry tree was situated on the corner of our street and New London Rd.  And, then there is the barn...an old, but well-maintained barn that I became quite fond of.  It is in many of my photos, and I was indeed lucky to get the photo of the tree in bloom with the barn.  The barn is an integral part of this image to me.

So, one or more of these will make it to bigger sizes, possibly in oils.  It's part of a series on spring I want to do.  


Cats are great to have around for their entertainment value.  Sometimes, Nelson forgets to put his tongue back in his mouth.  And, sometimes, I happen to get my camera before he remembers to.  It never fails to make us laugh.  


  1. These are cheerful, now that the snow is melted I can't wait for everything to bloom! My cat, Peekaboo always did this too, I even caught it one time as well! http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-dOYSuJsJlrQ/TZJGGG5tOHI/AAAAAAAAAW4/HHyU0U3P3kw/s1600/Jill+015.jpg

  2. Hi Jill - yes, some spring cheer is a good thing at this point when the weather is still acting like winter at times. I'm not sure what kind of blooming trees are here in Durango, but I guess we'll be finding out in about a month or so :).

    The picture of your kitty made me chuckle. Very cute!

  3. Love the redbud one in particular.

    Nelson. So cute. Hope you're going to start adding a kitty pic w/each blog post.

  4. Thanks, Jala - that was my favorite out of the photos, and was my first choice to paint bigger as well.

    Nelson doesn't provide nearly as many photo opportunities as your gang does, but I'll post the good ones. But, I should post more photos anyway - heaven knows I have tons that haven't made it onto the blog.

  5. This does make me feel like spring. Fun paintings!

  6. Thanks, Casey. Spring really can't get here soon enough (in earnest, that is). These paintings help my mood and mindset to get there.

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  8. What a treat it is to see the pieces all together - such an incredible time of year! I can't wait to see more posts! And your kitty is absolutely adorable, oh my goodness, his little tongue, I love him!!!!

    ;o) brienna

  9. Hi Brienna - thanks so much for dropping by and commenting! And I'm glad you enjoyed the picture of my cat being silly; it is a regular occurrence :).


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