Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yesterday's Storm - 6x6 landscape

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Does it qualify as "plein air" if you didn't leave your house?

Spring storm over Twin Buttes
6x6 inches 
 oil on wood panel

We had a snowstorm come through our area yesterday.  It didn't provide any accumulation, but temperatures dropped into the low 40's and it was windy.  At times, the snow obliterated the mountains we see from our windows to the west.

I worked on another floral painting, which I'll probably post later.  It's odd, and people probably won't like it but I'll throw it up anyway.  After I finished it, I looked out the window next to my studio and found the late afternoon storm clouds to be a compelling image.   It's been a while since I've painted clouds, so I pulled up another panel and quickly whipped this out....all from the comfort of my indoor studio.  Good practice, since the clouds move and change rapidly.  

A really exciting thing is that Wayne recently bought a condo near the downtown area, and we'll still have a view of Twin Buttes and Perins Peak.  Not as great for photos, maybe, since there are telephone lines that sort of pollute that view, but it has a large window facing west and a deck where I can go and paint sunsets.  Awesome.  And, it overlooks the Animas river to the south.  

Here are a few more photos taken during yesterday's storm:

Blowing snow cloud, looking like a cumulonimbus, west of Twin Buttes and Perins

This little guy was hanging out in the dumpster.  You can see snowflakes caught in the flash along with his quick assessment of our intents....

....and then he went right back to his nap again.  As of this morning, he's still in the dumpster, and we don't know how he will get out before the trash collection comes.


  1. Oh no! Little raccoon! Can you guys prop a really thick tree branch in there so he can climb out?

    P.S. The wind here yesterday was UNBELIEVABLE.

  2. I considered doing that (propping a branch in there), and may still. But, I think he might be sick - he hadn't moved from the same spot and was curled up not moving when I looked in there this morning. But, he did move a little when I tapped on the lid, so I know he's still alive.

    The wind was insane here yesterday and the day before. That's spring, I guess.

  3. Casey said it's okay to plein air from my window, so I hereby pass permission on to you. Besides, how could you NOT paint that cloud???

    The wind was also off the charts here yesterday. Made everyone a little nutzoid.

  4. Cool. We can start a "plein air window painters" society, Sam. Today is a calm, cloud-free day, so I'm glad I painted it when I could.

    We used to get hellacious winds in both Flagstaff and Prescott in the spring, but I know Boulder is *known* for its winds. Hope it settles soon and that no one decides to play with matches in the forests up there.

  5. I think the view from the window is a great approach! My view is of a 100-year old yellow church, downtown Bellingham and the sky so....I haven't painted the view in several years. :)

  6. Hi Lisa - yes, at least I can capitalize somewhat on the view we have; the other windows look to the parking lot and the condos behind ours. It's nice when outdoor painting isn't an option and painting from photos has no appeal.


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