Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rays of Hope for Japan - auction piece

Tags:  loyal Japanese dog - original pastel painting - dog portrait - 9x12 - Japanese earthquake donation 

"Rays of Hope for Japan"
9x12 inches
pastel on Strathmore 500-series paper

This week's challenge on the DPW site is for donations to help the Japanese tsunami victims.  Since I don't have any cash to spare to send, this was a perfect way for me to help out those folks suffering who have literally lost everything.  I wanted to do something special for this auction - something that would symbolize hope after such devastation and loss.

This painting is also a reminder that it is not just humans that suffer during a catastrophe, but animals as well.  Pets are displaced from their humans, and the loss or disappearance of a beloved pet just adds to the sadness and despair of people already grieving.

I imagine this image of the spaniel will be recognizable to many viewers; if by chance you haven't seen this video that went viral, have a look.  Warning:  it is emotional to watch (but in a good way).

For this piece, I chose to vignette the background with a loose representation of the Japanese Rising Sun flag and rays of hope.  The green represents renewal and life.  The Japanese symbols in the lower left mean "Hope" in Kanji.  Here is a link to the DPW challenge page, where you can see all the work artists are generously donating.  I'll be posting my submission shortly.   After careful consideration, and given the subject of the painting, I have decided to donate proceeds from the auction to the Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue & Support.

Addendum - 3/30/11:  I am happy to report that this painting was sold through the auction, and proceeds were given to the JEAR&S.  Thank you to L.S. for your bid!


  1. Many blessings go with this piece.

    You got a good expression on his face, which shows the glimmer of hope and resolve, which isn't present, to me, in the video. I made the mistake the first time I watched it of not waiting to see the injured dog move.

    I want to auction one, too, but am waiting for the right relief. I do have one in mind.

  2. Thanks, Casey. Not the easiest thing to do is paint from a video still, but I tried to make it work. I hope people aren't put off by the background on it; maybe I should have stuck with something more traditional...Oh well. I just hope it sells.

    I was so relieved to see the white dog finally move in the video as well.

  3. Good for you, and I like how you got symbolism into visuals.

  4. Thanks, Jala. I'm not sure putting the symbolism in there was a good idea for the purpose of it actually selling, but we'll see...If no one bids on it, I'll maybe just use a painting I already have in my inventory.


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