Sunday, March 27, 2011

Colorado Wildflowers #1-5 - ACEO


Montage of Colorado Wildflowers #1-5
Each 2.5 x 3.5 inches
soft pastel on black Strathmore paper

These were so fun to do!  The size is perfect, the paper and pastels cooperated, and now I have five little botanical paintings of some of the amazing wildflowers found in Colorado.   I think I will try to do a few of these every day - they are a great way to combine drawing and painting into a regular thing in addition to whatever else is going in the studio.  

A truly bizarre thing happened when I was taking photos of these earlier today, though.  I normally take my photos outside, and place the painting on the ground, and hold the camera directly above it to take the photo.  It's simple and depending on light conditions, I can take pretty darn good photos like this.  

Anyway, I took the last 3 down to photograph on my front step, and set them all on the clipboard.  Unsecured.  I didn't really appreciate exactly how windy it was outside, or I would have taken the photos one at a time clipped to the board.  So, no sooner had I taken the first photo, a wind gust blows two off the board.  I quickly grab them and then note that the Aspen Fleabane (which is accidentally mis-titled here as "Arctic Fleabane") has blown away in front of the garage.  

In the time it took me to place the two paintings inside and go back to grab the other, it had disappeared. Gone.  Absolutely nowhere to be found.  I literally searched the entire parking lot, under all the cars, the street, and everywhere within a 100-ft. radius, and it was simply nowhere.  Unbelievable.  Well, that's a mistake I won't make again.  So, I had to re-do it.  Probably v#2 is better anyway, but still...


  1. Ha. Sounds like my normal studio only with wind--a comedy of errors! You're brave to admit to the follies. A fine group of volunteers!

  2. Seriously - queue up the Circus Music and send in the clowns! I am still completely baffled by how something like this could happen. But, now it makes for an amusing story, especially when you consider I was walking around in flip-flops, red track pants, a shirt that totally didn't match and my painting apron (typical studio attire) looking for it. Just adds to the comedy element.

    The fun times...they never end ;).

  3. Ha ha! :) Just sent you an email and sure enough, here is the story.

    Maybe one day you'll just stumble upon what you think is a scrap of paper, miles from your house...and it will be your little painting. :)

    I see someone else (yes, that would be you!) is getting addicted to doing pastel minis...

  4. I like to think that the painting had a mind of its own and flew off to spread the gospel of art to some unsuspected walker....someone will treasure the "find" and attach all kinds of meaning to it! Just consider it an offering to the art gods and the wind was the transportation. Might have to do a few minis as a morning warm up myself....

  5. Jala - you know, stranger things have happened. It's funny...I wasn't happy at the time, but after I sat down and painted the replacement, I forgot about how annoyed I was.

    Cindy - I love your story! If I were walking along and found a little original painting, I would certainly treasure it. If I knew it had found its way into the hands of someone, I'd be delighted.


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